"My go-to problem solver"

Teri stands out in the crowd as an incredible process-thinker who confidently leverages her skills and experience as she works with diverse stakeholders to facilitate the development of strong outcomes. Without a doubt, Teri is my go-to problem solver as her approach is centered around asking impactful questions that help me to develop my own understanding of the current state as well as options for next steps. Any individual or group seeking to navigate important topics, decisions and/or strategies will be well served by Teri’s coach approach and calm professional demeanor.

Erin G.

"One of the most supportive and dedicated people I have met"

Teri Grant was my mentor throughout my undergraduate degree, and I owe quite a bit of my current knowledge to her! When asked for advice or input, she has the uncanny ability of following up with additional questions to somehow let you come to the answer on your own. She is one of the most supportive and dedicated people I have met, and is my go-to person if I require coaching or feedback.

Samantha R.

"Highly effective approach to productivity and organization"

Working alongside Teri was an absolute pleasure. Her ability to seamlessly rotate between big picture thinking and small detail analysis is one of many examples that showcases her highly effective approach to productivity and organization. The systems that Teri not only uses for herself, but also implements in the projects we work on, create a lasting impact in the areas of accountability, organization and collaboration.

Hassan P.

"A talented FourSight presenter - demonstrates her breadth and capacity as a facilitator"

Teri has a remarkable ability to relay complicated processes in terms easily accessible to a variety of audiences. More than that, she sets up others to practice being effective strategic and creative problem solvers which can positively impact their work long after her involvement. Having witnessed her work with volunteers, students and professional staff, Teri excels in coaching others to develop systems that maximize efficiency and productivity. Teri is also a talented FourSight presenter; I have had the pleasure of participating in four iterations of her FourSight workshops with several different working groups and each one has been unique, tailored, and demonstrates her breadth and capacity as a facilitator.

Karla C.

"She is thoughtful in her approach and builds strong relationships with those she works with."

She is extremely efficient at organizing and executing large scale projects and events and has demonstrated the ability to juggle many tasks without being phased. Teri has also shown her ability to coach and mentor others by taking the time and care to understand their needs. She is thoughtful in her approach and builds strong relationships with those she works with. In addition, Teri is also a very skilled workshop facilitator who engages her audience with a variety of techniques to ensure they are able to connect with her content. It was an absolute pleasure working with Teri, and I have no doubt that she will excite any organization that chooses to work with her. 

Justin L.

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